Product Title: MicroBlade™ - Chassis Management Module (CMM)

Product Model: MBM-CMM-001

Product Brand: Supermicro

MicroBlade™ - Chassis Management Module (CMM)

The MicroBlade chassis management module (CMM) provides total remote control of individual server blades, power supplies, cooling fans, and networking switches remotely. System administrators enjoy the management ease and reassurance of continuous onboard instrumentation monitoring (temperature sensors, power status, voltages and fan speed). Remote power control capabilities to reboot and/or reset the server are available as well as remote access to the BIOS configuration and operating system console information vial SOL (Serial over LAN) or embedded KVM capabilities. Because the controller is a separate processor, all monitoring and control functions operate flawlessly regardless of CPU operation or system power-on status.


Key Features

  • Remotely manage and monitor server blades, power supplies, cooling fans, and networking switches
  • IPMI 2.0 compliant, with KVM over LAN / KVM over IP
  • Serial over LAN (SOL)
  • LAN Alert-SNMP Trap
  • Event Log
  • OS Independent
  • Hardware Health Monitor
  • Remote Power Control
  • Management Tools - IPMIView, CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Supports RMCP & RMCP+ Protocols


  • 2x USB Ports*
  • Remote Management Processor and sub-system
  • 2x LAN ports
  • Video ADC, Video Compress FPGA
  • I2C, IPMI Management
  • 12V Hot-swap Controller
  • GBX Backplane Connector


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Call for Support:

Support: + 88 01713 23 9881


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