Product Title: SOPHOS XG Firewall SG-210

Product Model: SG-210-Front-and-Back_large

Product Brand: Sophos

  • Synchronized Security: Links Endpoints and Firewall to enable them to communicate and share information. It enables unique features like Security Heartbeat™ that can instantly identify compromised systems and isolate them until cleaned up as well as features like Synchronized App Control to identify, classify, and control unknown applications.
  • Comprehensive protection: Most firewalls are missing some essential protection capabilities like dual antivirus, a web application firewall, or email protection. XG Firewall offers a full suite of protection to block unknown threats like the latest ransomware, advanced threats, hacking attempts, and phishing attacks.
  • Unified firewall rules and policies: Most firewalls have you set up and manage security across multiple modules or screens, which is confusing and time consuming. With XG Firewall, all firewall rules are unified on a single screen with snap-in security and enforcement policies making it much easier to manage.
  • Enterprise-grade Secure Web Gateway: Most firewall products include only rudimentary web filtering policies that can become difficult to manage and trouble-shoot. XG Firewall’s powerful top-down inheritance-based secure web gateway policy engine is similar to dedicated enterprise SWG products and makes web policy management powerful, intuitive, and easy to maintain.
  • On-box reporting and risk assessment: Most firewall products lack risk assessment and on-box reporting, requiring a separate product be purchased for historical reporting. XG Firewall’s rich on-box reporting and user and app risk assessment enables administrators to be proactive and take preventive measures before issues become real problems.

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