Array Networks


The Network Functions Platform Company 


Array Networks Network Functions Platform combines the best attributes of dedicated hardware, virtualization and software-centric computing to create an environment that provides guaranteed performance for virtual networking and security functions.

In other words, Array is enabling agility-at-scale.

Organizations can transition to an agile approach without sacrificing the performance needed for business-critical applications. Racks of legacy gear can be consolidated to reduce space, power and cooling costs. Services can be provisioned on-demand with guaranteed SLAs. Security need not compromise the user experience.

Host Array application delivery virtual appliances, or host virtual appliances from best-of-breed networking and security vendors; the choice is yours. With Array’s virtualized hardware environment and a growing ecosystem of platform partners, businesses can finally reconcile their desire for agility with their need for performance.



Application Delivery Controllers


Application Delivery That's Simple Yet Scalable & Powerful Yet Cost-Effective

Array APV Series application delivery controllers provide the availability, scalability, performance, security and control essential to keeping applications and servers running in their power band.

Integrated local and global server load balancing, as well as link load balancing, ensure the highest levels of resiliency for your applications, while connection multiplexing, SSL offload, caching and compression work together to deliver the fastest end-user experience possible. What’s more, by terminating connections on APV Series ADCs, applications are protected behind Array’s WebWall® application security suite and advanced DDoS protection with machine learning.

Available as physical or virtual appliances, or on popular public clouds, Array ADCs are designed to meet technical requirements while remaining simple enough for any size IT team and affordable enough for any size business.




In every enterprise/Government —from finance, industry, telecom, IT, and media to government—the internet is reaching deeper into business than ever before. Previously time-consuming tasks are automated with websites, online storefronts, document management systems, inventory, e-banking, and other applications that  streamline workflows. But these same technologies also  create new opportunities for cybercriminals. In this web-tech world,  a variety of web/mobile, as well as ERP applications, help us to run the  day to day operations. With this rapid  growth of applications, grows the  security vulnerabilities that  lead to damage in your business.

  The Verizon  2019 Data  Breach Investigation Report (DBIR) states 41,686  security incidents, of which  2,013 were confirmed data breaches.

Most vulnerabilities in web applications result from developer errors. Traditional scanners, intrusion detection/

prevention systems (IDS/IPS), and firewalls can’t always detect these advance web application attacks.

 With this, comes the  Array Web application Firewall  providing top-notch protection, ensuring continuity and high availability of Web applications while   reducing security risks.

Array WAF not only detects the  complex Web application attacks of today, but  also  blocks the  attack traffic in real time  without affecting the  normal flow of business data traffic. Array Networks WAF provides wide-range of protection against all internet attack types that  have been recognized by OWASP (including Top 10 attacks) and WASC, including SQLi, XSS, and XXE, as well as against HTTP Request Splitting, Clickjacking, and complicated client-side attacks (DOM-based XSS).


Enterprise-Wide Remote Desktop Access


Mitigating risks associated with business continuity events and realizing gains through higher employee productivity are driving increased demand for remote desktop access. While traditional VPNs are well suited for giving remote access to employees with managed laptops, they are not as adept at supporting office workers who are issued desktop PCs, terminals, workstations or virtual desktops.

Array’s remote desktop access solution leverages proven remote desktop protocol (RDP) and SSL technologies to allow workers to remotely connect to office PCs from any device, anywhere and at any time. No additional laptops, software or training are required; remote access can be cost-effectively scaled for as many workers as needed from a single appliance. What’s more, because data never leaves the network, security is assured.